Value Engineered Services

At Carpenter & Paterson, our decades of experience allow us to use our knowledge to our customers’ advantage. We have a number of value engineered services available that will ensure projects are designed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Some of the value adding services we provide include:

Pipe hanger installation cost reduction training. Contractor focused training to allow for labor savings on installation by a combination of selection of cost effective standard hangers; efficient installation sequence; incorporation of seismic bracing at time of hanger installation; and hangers and techniques used in modular construction.

Lunch & Learn Seminars. Training focused on different pipe hanger related subjects such as proper support of riser piping; selection and installation of anchors, guides and expansion joints; proper procedures for installing expansion joints to prevent damage; rooftop pipe support applications; and seismic bracing of piping systems.

Consulting services on optimized pipe support frame design and standardization. How to create standard structural steel pipe support brackets and frames to be used on multiple projects and to modularize installation by the use of related equipment skids.

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