EMC Corp

EMC’s 680,000 square foot facility in Franklin, MA contains both manufacturing facilities and office space

EMC Corp.
Franklin, MA

EMC Corp. is a leading multi-national corporation that develops, delivers and supports information infrastructure and virtual infrastructure hardware, software, and services.

Carpenter and Paterson worked together with J.C. Higgins Co., a large Boston-based piping contractor, to design, fabricate, and install over 300 supports for large and small bore piping in EMC’s manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA. The project was completed over a 10 month period and finished ahead of schedule due to the welding coordination of C&P and J.C. Higgins, enabling EMC Corp. to open their facility for production on time.

C&P‘s Donora, PA facility fabricated channel assemblies with special welded guides for insulated piping, which were delivered to the jobsite for installation.

 C&P supplied supports for over 1,400 feet of 30-inch and 2,100 feet of 24-inch pipe, like these condenser water supply supports.

Quick Notes:

> Client: EMC Corp.
> Project Type: Manufacturing Facility
> Contractor: J.C. Higgins
> C&P Contact: Jim Gouthro, VP of Sales

> Phone: (781) 935-2950
> Location: Franklin, MA, USA
> Scope: 680,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility completed over 10 months.