pre insulated pipe supports

Pre-insulated Pipe Supports

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of pre-insulated pipe supports services, including the design and manufacturing of Calcium Silicate supports for temperatures ranging from + 40°F to + 1200°F, and High-Density Polyurethane Foam supports with operating temperatures ranging from -250°F to +225°F. Anchors and stops can be supplied with fitted spools, ready for installation on site.

Our company supplies domestic and international markets, with two modern, high-pressure foam injection machines available in our Waggaman, Louisiana facility, and four modern, high-pressure foam injection machines, each equipped with an isocyanate tank and two polyol tanks, available in our Thailand facility, enabling us to quickly switch between densities, ensuring maximum production flexibility. The Waggaman facility is also equipped with a large, environmentally controlled cutting room for profiling. Standard and custom designed supports can be manufactured and supplied in accordance with the precise requirements of our customers.

Please view our Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports Catalog, or contact one of our customer service representatives for additional information.