In addition to our commodity hangers and supports, Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. offers a variety of Engineered Products to handle any application; including static and dynamic supports, variable springs, constant springs, sway braces and travelers.

We market a wide selection of restraint assemblies and devices, allowing the designer to select implements that are technically and economically suited for the specific application ­ by type, size and configuration.

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. restraint systems cover an extensive range of load ratings and allow for greater flexibility in field adjustment. High precision steel ball bushings and pins are now standard components throughout the line, and we’ve recently added a new series of restraint yoke clamps.

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. hydraulic snubbers have been enhanced and are available now with options to better suit the diverse conditions the application requires.

Finally, the Variable Support is a spring loaded device used for the support of piping and other equipment, where normal vertical movement is anticipated. Variable Supports are manufactured in five different Travel Series, providing for up to ten inches of movement, twenty­ five different sizes and allowing for up to 50,000 pounds of load. Seven different mounting types provide the user with a comprehensive selection of configurations to accommodate practically every hanger design.

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