Carpenter & Paterson Bridge


Providing Supports and Great Service Since 1908

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. was founded in Boston in 1908, and since that time, the company has offered a variety of plumbing specialties, including our own Witch brand pipe hangers. Over the years, in response to changing ownership and market conditions, domestic and international operations have been expanded. Today, we are proud to operate in nine locations across North America.

Our History:

Founded in 1908 and incorporated in 1913, Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. has been a leader in the pipe support industry for over a century. Originally located in the Boston area, Carpenter & Paterson has expanded to 8 locations across the United States and another in Canada.

Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. became a member of the worldwide Pipe Supports Group in the 2000’s, and in the years since, we’ve been able to greatly expand our ability to provide excellent products and services to our customers. In addition to our reach, our products have expanded to include many new lines of pipe supports and hangers, and have been used extensively in both domestic and international construction projects ranging from oil & gas facilities to sports stadiums and universities.

Looking forward, Carpenter & Paterson, Inc. continues as the industry leader in pipe hangers and supports through exemplary customer service and adapting to customer needs. We’re excited to provide a new, online storefront that will continue our tradition of quality customer service and timely delivery of products, as we move into the future and explore bigger and better offerings.